Ranking the top 10 players from the 2014 NFL Draft

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  • A pair of Cowboys make the cut
Khalil Mack, 2014 NFL Draft
Khalil Mack, 2014 NFL Draft / Elsa/GettyImages
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#4. WR Davante Adams

The Green Bay Packers recognized Adams' immense potential and selected him as the 53rd overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. From the moment he donned the Packers' iconic green and gold jersey, Adams established himself as a key target for future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Adams' ascent to the top of the league was gradual, but his growth as a receiver was unmistakable. He struggled with concentration drops early on in his career, but he managed to put them in the rearview mirror quickly. His rapport with Rodgers blossomed, and he quickly emerged as the Packers' go-to receiver. In the 2016 season, he surpassed the 1,000-yard mark for the first time, providing a glimpse of the greatness that was yet to come.

The 2017 season proved to be a turning point in Adams' career. He recorded an impressive 74 receptions for 885 yards and 10 touchdowns despite missing two games due to injury. His ability to make contested catches and exploit opposing defenses with his precise route-running made him a formidable force on the field.

Adams' breakout season earned him his first Pro Bowl selection, signaling his arrival as one of the NFL's top receivers. Adams has since etched his name in NFL history as one of the most prolific and electrifying wide receivers of his generation.