Why Positional Value Shouldn’t Be Applied to Brock Bowers

Brock Bowers is one of the best Tight-Ends to come out in recent memory the problem is the position he plays may take him out of the top-10 picks of the upcoming Draft.

Ole Miss v Georgia
Ole Miss v Georgia / Perry McIntyre/ISI Photos/GettyImages

It’s no secret in football some positions are more important than others. Quarterback is the most important, but other positions such as Edge Rusher, Left Tackle, Cornerback, and Wide Receiver follow suit for positions of value. One that doesn’t go in that elite group is Tight-End where this d=Draft holds a potentially generational prospect in Brock Bowers out of the University of Georgia. 

Bowers has been the best offensive player at Georgia the last three seasons and two of those years ended up with the Dawgs finishing as National Champions. Bowers is arguably one of the greatest College Tight Ends we’ve seen. Bowers as I mentioned is a two-time National Champion, Twp-Time Mackey Award winner which is the award given to the best Tight End in CFB, three-time First All-SEC, a First Team All-American in 2022, and a Unanimous All-American in 2023. He finished just 445 yards short of breaking the record for most total career yards by a Tight End in CFB history. 

He’s been mocked from being taken in the top 5 of the NFL Draft all the way down to 18th to the Bengals. I haven’t seen a Mock Draft in the world but I've seen enough to know writers and maybe even the NFL itself are torn on where to pick him. Part of the problem is Kyle Pitts who was taken fourth overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. Pitts has struggled in the NFL for a variety of reasons from play calling to quarterback play but it isn’t indicative of the talent he possesses. I can even make the argument Bowers is better than Pitts because of how versatile Bowers is. Bowers can line up out wide as the X receiver, something Pitts can do as well but . Bowers lined up at halfback as well and something that was a knock on Pitts Bowers is an absolutely fantastic blocker. 

Adding Bowers to any offense is an immediate upgrade that in my opinion is on par with adding a Marvin Harrison, a Rome Odunze, and A Malik Nabors. Where yes his positional value isn’t for whatever reason as high but when your Tight End can be your best all-around weapon offensively that is a top-5 pick in my eyes. You can see the impact a great versatile Tight-End can have whether you look at Travis Kelce and his impact on the Chiefs offense or George Kittle in San Francisco or even look at Sam LaPorta this past season in Detroit as a rookie. 

In the end, Bowers should be in play for the Chargers pick at five because LA is in great need of a receiving weapon, and if anyone should know the impact the Tight-End position can have it should be the Chargers who Travis Kelce has consistently had huge games against the Chargers defense. 

If Marvin Harrsion Jr. gets this type of hype and trust it is deserved. Bowers also deserves the same attention and hype and hopefully, the NFL sees it that way as well before we see redoing the NFL Draft articles a year or two from now with Bowers being in the top-5 picks.