NFL Combine: Gabe Carimi Already Making Headlines


Wisconsin OT, Gabe Carimi standing at the NFL Combine podium

Most athletes at the NFL Scouting Combine fire off stale, regurgitated, and rehearsed lines. Agents work endlessly to prepare their prospects for the bevy of questions that will be fired at them throughout the process. One player seems to have ignored his agent, and formulated his own words and opinion, and that’s Wisconsin Offensive Tackle, Gabe Carimi. During his media Q&A, he was asked who was the best Offensive Tackle in the draft. He responded with:

"I’m completely confident in my game. I really don’t have any problems. I know I’m going out there and perform. I know I’m the best tackle out there and I just have to play like it and act like it. I know I can play right away. That’s my best asset. I’m a draft-ready tackle."

That’s big time confidence right there. Some may not like it, but I find it refreshing. To be a top notch athlete, you must have that confidence in yourself. You also have to have proof of your assertive exuberance. Carimi goes on to give some proof to why he believes he’s the best Tackle in the draft:

"Because of the players I’ve gone against, four potential first-round players I’ve gone against this year. I have a better resume of going against better talent than anyone else, so that makes me more (pro) ready."

This isn’t the only headline Carimi made. Yesterday, he was also asked if he had been in contact with the New England Patriots. In pure Patriots fashion, he was tight-lipped.

"I can’t comment on the Patriots, ask the Patriots."

The Patriots are known for their secrecy, and they molded Carimi quick. Obviously, this quote answers the question without answering it. With Matt Light hitting free agency (assuming the CBA is agreed upon), Gabe Carimi could be a nice fit in New England. Sebastian Vollmer would more than likely play Left Tackle, and Carimi Right Tackle.

Hopefully more players follow Carimi’s lead, and drop some nice quotes for us writers. It makes our job easier, and much more enjoyable.