Larry’s 2-Round NFL Mock Draft (3/2/11)


1.  Carolina Panthers – Missouri QB, *Blaine Gabbert

  • If a new CBA is established, picking a QB high might not have the same ramifications of the past. Blaine Gabbert is the number rated QB on the board. He has the arm strength, accuracy, and mobility to be successful at the next level. The Panthers are in a division that has Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and Josh Freeman. In order to compete, they have to find their franchise QB.

2. Denver Broncos – Alabama DT, *Marcell Dareus

  • Marcel Dareus is a guy that was extremely disruptive in college. He has a thick frame and can anchor against the run. He also possesses good quickness and burst. With the #1 and #2 running teams in the AFC West (Chiefs and Raiders), the Broncos have to improve their 31st ranked rush defense.

3. Buffalo Bills – Auburn QB, *Cam Newton

  • Cam Newton here makes sense. The Bills like him, and he fits their offensive philosophy. The Bills would have the luxury of sitting him and allowing him to learn behind Fitzpatrick. Regardless of Newton’s poor performance at the Combine, he is an immense talent. He is raw, but raw is what Gailey likes.

4. Cincinnati Bengals – Georgia WR, *A.J. Green

  • The Bengals have some major problems facing them this offseason. Carson Palmer says he has 80 million dollars in the bank, and he will retire if not traded. Both Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens will more than likely be gone. With the top two QB’s already off the board, the Bengals go with the most dynamic WR in the draft. A.J. Green has good size, excellent hands, and runs precise routes.

5. Arizona Cardinals – Texas A&M OLB, Von Miller

  • Von Miller is coming off of a great week of practice at the Senior Bowl. He’s an  gifted athlete who put up tremendous numbers in college. The Cardinals can’t afford to let a pass rusher of this caliber slip by them. There other needs can be filled in the later rounds.

Picks 1-32 with Complete Analysis