Versus the Run: 2010 tape is m..."/>

Versus the Run: 2010 tape is m..."/>

Jerrell Powe Scouting Report


Versus the Run: 2010 tape is misleading of Powe’s true abilities. Prior to the season, coaches insisted on him dropping weight, and changed his position to the 3-technique. In 2009, he played more of a traditional nose guard role. Powe has a thick lower trunk that allows him to sit in his stance and eat up blockers. He almost always requires a double team, and still he is able to hold the point of attack. He does a nice job of splitting the double team when the play call requires. Uses his arms well, but there is room for more violence from his hands. His strength is above average, but it can be nullified when fatigue kicks in. Powe displays average awareness and balance. Some times he has a hard time locating the ball carrier and staying on his feet. He’s also a non factor on runs outside the tackle box. He lacks the athleticism to move laterally and make an impact on those particular plays.

Pass Rush Skills: When it boils down to it, Powe is a bona fide two down player. If he can manage to improve his conditioning he might be usable on passing downs. When given the opportunity to rush the passer, Powe does a nice job of collapsing the pocket with his bull rush. However, he doesn’t display an effective swim, club, or hook move. He’s also not a very good counter pass rusher. If his initial move fails, that’s it. After penetrating into the backfield, Powe shows a good burst to close on the quarterback and secure the sack.

Quickness (hands/feet): Quickness is not the name of the game for Powe. He is a push pull guy that uses his girth and strength to make things happen. He won’t be hitting creases and bursting up the field anytime soon. His hands are fairly quick, but they could be quicker.

Toughness/Motor: Physically and mentally tough football player. Knows how to deal with adversity on and off the field. Like most men his size, his stamina is sub par. He’ll get tired quick and will need to be pulled for a breather. Motor can run hot and cold. It all depends on the number of snaps.

Intangibles: Struggled with learning disabilities throughout high school and college. Found a way to overcome those issues and graduate. Is a tad bit older than most players entering the draft (24-years old). He was a team captain for Ole Miss and was the recipient of the J. Richard Price Courage and Compassion Award this past spring.

Overall Stock: I have to first say that I applaud Jerrell Powe. His stock was high during the 2009 season. He had an opportunity to enter the draft, but he chose to stay in college and fulfill the dream he and his mother had — graduating from college. Powe has dealt with some learning disabilities in the past, so graduating from an institution of higher education is a big thing. By staying in school and enduring a position change, his stocked dropped. He was once considered a late first round pick, and now it looks like the highest he’ll go is the 3rd round. Nonetheless, Powe will find a home in the NFL. Hopefully it’s with a 3-4 team. His skill set and body type are best suited for the 3-4. The 2011 draft is scarce of nose tackles, so Powe will get a ton of looks. Besides Phil Taylor, he’s my favorite nose tackle this year. I think after getting back to his original position, Powe will have an excellent career plugging the middle of offensive lines.

NFL Comparison: Casey Hampton

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