Over the last several weeks, Jesse Bartolis of Over the last several weeks, Jesse Bartolis of

Community Mock Draft Featuring the Baddest Mockers Around


Over the last several weeks, Jesse Bartolis of NFL Mocks has been holding a community mock draft, featuring some of the baddest mockers around. I was fortunate enough to be apart of this unique and exclusive group, and bestowed the honor of selecting for my beloved Kansas City Chiefs and various other teams. The draft went two full rounds and there were some stellar picks made. Below are the picks that I made and a link to the entire mock draft. Be sure to check it out. You won’t find many mocks around that have zero bias.

Round 1 – #8: Tennessee Titans – Prince amukamara, CB, Nebraska

The Titans could easily go QB here, but I believe that the coaching staff and front office would rather not take a risk in the 1st round. They may look to bolster their defense. In recent years, the NFL has transformed into a passing league, and this is very evident in the AFC South. It is no small feat to defend the likes of Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark, or Matt Shuab and Andre Johnson. Nebraska CB, Prince Amukamara is a highly skilled and physical player. He is technique is sound and excels in man-press coverage. Many analyst were worried about his speed, but he was able to turn in a 4.4 forty-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine. Not only does Amukarama perform well in coverage, but he is shows up in run support, showing no regard for his body. After Patrick Peterson, Prince Amukamara is the best cornerback in the draft. He should help to improve the Titans 20th ranked passing defense

Round 1 – #21: Kansas City Chiefs – Ryan Kerrigan, OLB, Purde

The Chiefs have two major needs on defense, nose tackle and strong side outside linebacker. With Phil Taylor still available, it’s tempting. However, Purdue Defensive End, Ryan Kerrigan is higher on the board. Currently, the Chiefs have Tamba Hali playing the rush outside linebacker position. Last year, he turned in the best performance of his career with 14.5 sacks. Unfortunately, Mike Vrabel, who played opposite of him, achieved zero sacks. The Chiefs must find someone to compliment Hali. Ryan Kerrigan is a guy that reminds me a lot of a young Mike Vrabel. He’s relentless in his efforts to the quarterback. At the NFL Scouting Combine, Kerrigan surprised scouts by showing good speed in the forty-yard dash, and good athleticism in the change of direction/coverage drills. With the Chiefs secondary bound for elitism, Hali and Kerrigan pressuring the quarterback, and forcing mistakes would compliment them perfectly.

Round 1 – #21: Miami Dolphins – Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

The Wildcat has been laid to pasture, and the Miami Dolphins find themselves in a peculiar situation. Both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are set to hit free agency this offseason, which leaves zero candidates for the running back position. The AFC East is one of the tougher divisions in the NFL. The Dolphins have the pieces on defense to contend, but on offseason, they are lacking. Brandon Marshall and Davonn Bess are play-makers, but without a running game to relieve double teams and over/under coverage, they found it difficult at times to get open in 10′. Alabama RB, Mark Ingram is a guy that can come in and immediately give balance to the Dolphins offense. Some may point to Ingram’s lack of long speed, but he has more than enough to be affective at the next level. He possesses excellent vision, lateral movement, balance, and lean. He is also extremely explosive within his first 10 yards. This pick would not only benefit Chad Henne and the offense, but it will help with ball control. Ball control is a necessity in today’s NFL.

Round 1 – #26: Baltimore Ravens – Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland

The signings of Anquan Boldin and TJ Houshmandzadeh didn’t quite pay the dividends that the Ravens had hoped for. What it did do was help to make their offense one of the slowest in the league. They desperately need to add someone who can stretch the field vertically. Torrey Smith is a good candidate for the job. With his 4.4 speed, he can get behind secondaries and create big plays. He’ll also help keep safeties out of the box, something Ray Rice would be appreciative of. If the Ravens want to make it to the super bowl, they must infuse some youth speed to the offense, to combat the defenses of the AFC North, some of the more physical ones in the NFL.

Round 1 – #32: Green Bay Packers – Brooks Reed, OLB, Arizona

The Super Bowl Champions have done such an extraordinary job at drafting and developing their young players. During the playoffs, they had guys no ones ever heard of, performing at high levels. Looking at their roster, the only position that I can really pinpoint as an area of need is outside linebacker. They could use someone opposite of Clay Matthews. Matthews started the 2010 season on fire, but began receiving a tremendous amount of attention as the sacks piled up. Eventually, he was slowed down and suffered injuries because of this. Brooks Reed is a guy that has some similarities to Matthews. Both have long hair and are high motor players. Reed could add balance to their pass rush, and give the Packers scheme versatility. Letting both of these guys pin their ears back and get after the quarterback would be outrageous. Opposing offenses would have a difficult time stopping the two.

Round 2 – #35: Cincinnati Bengals – Christian Ponder, QB, Florida St.

Call me crazy but, I tend to believe Carson Palmer when he says he has 80 million in the bank, and he isn’t afraid to retire if his trade demands are not met. The Bengals owner is pretty darn stubborn, so if Palmer does indeed retire, the Bengals will need to find an adequate replacement. Christian Ponder is a guy that people tend to forget about. Coming into the 2010 season, many analyst had him rated a first round prospect. Ponder suffered some shoulder and elbow injuries that set him back throughout the season. He seems to be fully healthy, and it has shown in his offseason workouts. Ponder doesn’t have a “wow” arm or “thread-the-needle” accuracy, but he is a fine quarterback that does most things well. With his leadership qualities and intelligence, he could help keep the Bengals relevant in a time where there will be a lot of turnover on offense.

Round 2 #41: Washington Redskins – Jon Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh

No matter what quarterback takes snaps from under center in 2011, the Redskins need to supply him with a play making receiver. Santana Moss is set to hit free agency (whenever that begins), leaving the cupboard very bare. What better receiver to draft other than Jon Baldwin. Coming in at 6’4″, Baldwin excels at making big plays. He has tremendous leaping ability, hands, and ball skills. He is a deep threat that can keep defenses honest. There are some questions about his attitude and passion for the game, but Mike Shanahan has the experience to deal with any character flaws.

Round 2 #47: St. Louis Rams – Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State

The Rams have done a decent job at drafting in the past few years. They managed to fill needs while maintaining the philosophy of picking the best players available. Nothing changes with this pick. They have a need for a presence along the interior of their defensive line, and a first round stud has slipped into the second round. It is a shame that Stephen Paea is constantly overlooked. He is one of the most disruptive defensive players in this draft. His 49 reps at 225-pounds at the Combine was no anomaly. Paea has shown time and time again that he can take on double teams and hold the point of attack, shed blockers with ease, and knock offensive line off balance with a powerful club. Unlike other defensive tackles, Paea is a weapon against the run, as well as the pass. He has the burst and quickness to penetrate into the backfield to cause mayhem. Adding Paea next to Chris Long and James Hall will boost their 16th rank rush defense, and their 18th rank sack defense.

Round 2 #55: Kanas City Chiefs – Tandon Doss, WR, Indiana

The Chiefs were desperate at receiver last year. So desperate that they brought in Kevin Curtis off the street, during the playoffs, and decided to start him veteran receiver, Chris Chambers. The Chiefs did a good job of bringing in more speed last year, but they need to bring in a little more. Adding a receiver opposite of Dwayne, who can stretch the field, is of the utmost importance. It would not onlyrelieve  him of the double teams, but it would make Cassel less predictable, and also lift the 8-man fronts that Jamaal Charles sees 90% of the time. Tandon Doss is a dynamic receiver who stands at 6’2″, 200-pounds, and possesses 4.4 speed. He is the perfect receiver for the Chiefs offense. He can use his size and play physical over the middle, or use his long stride and beat the secondary deep. He also excels at YAC, another key component the Chiefs look for in their receivers. Bowe + Doss + Moeaki + McCluster + Charles + Cassel = A soon to be elite offense.

Round 2 #61: San Diego Chargers – Randall Cobb, WR, Kentucky

Over the last several years, the San Diego Chargers have had one of the most talented down field receiving corps in the NFL. Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd consistently are beating defensive backs for big chunks of yards. One area of the receiving corps that has been under developed is the slot receiver. Tight End, Antonio Gates is excellent over the middle, but they don’t have a receiver that can consistently line up in the slot, eat up zone coverage, and make life easier for Phillip Rivers on third downs. They’ve been known to rely on Darren Sproels out of the backfield on third downs, but it looks as if he will be hitting free agency this year. Randall Cobb of the Kentucky Wildcats is a guy that can step in and make an immediate impact. The Chargers aren’t known for using below 6-foot receivers, but I think it’s time to start. Cobb has experience playing in the slot, outside the hashes, wild cat, punt and kick return. He can fulfill the role of Sproels as the “all purpose guy” and help Gates help Rivers move the chains.

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