With a new General Manager and ..."/>

With a new General Manager and ..."/>

What the 49ers Need to Reach Prosperity in 2011


With a new General Manager and Coaching staff in place, the 49ers are set to enter a new era of football. The cupboard was not left totally bare after the firing of Mike Singletary, and with the feeble state of the NFC West, it is time for the 49ers to make a push for the division crown. As I see it, there are only a few positions the 49ers need to address via free agency and the draft, in order to see immediate success.


  • The 49ers have gone with Alex Smith at the helm for 6 seasons now. The result of that has been: 1. Three coaches fired, 2. A mediocre offense never ranked in the top half of the league, 3. The stunting of the growth of young receivers. The Quarterback position needs to be addressed during the draft or free agency. If the front office decides to use the draft as a means to finding their next signal caller, there are a few names that come to mind —  Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, and Andy Dalton all have the ability to be opening day starters. If they choose free agency, they can go the route of the seasoned veteran. Donovan Mcnabb and Kevin Kolb would be excellent fits as well.

Outside Linebacker:

  • It would be best if the 49ers could address this position through the draft with a Von Miller or Robert Quinn. They could also look towards free agency or take a developmental guy in the later rounds, but this is a position the 49ers must address because their pass rush for the last several years has been lack luster, and was abysmal last year.


  • The 49ers had one of the worst if not the worst secondary performances last year. This has been a recurring problem for them for four to five years now. Nate Clements has not really panned out, and they do not have any other potential starters behind him. They have to be hoping that Patrick Peterson falls in their laps at pick seven, but if not they could reach or trade back for Prince Amukamara . Other options are Aaron Williams out of Texas or Brandon Harris out of Miami. Both would make for solid pick ups in the second round.

Wide Receiver/Running Back:

  • Both these positions are needs, and that is because the 49ers lack speed at both positions. The fastest player on offense of any value is Vernon Davis, and being that he is a tight-end, that is a problem. A.J. Green and Julio Jones may be available come the 7th pick, but other players the 49ers should look out for in later rounds are Noel Devine out of West Virginia, Taiwan Jones of Eastern Washington, and Titus Young out of Boise State. Reggie Bush and Darren Sproels are also options in free agency, as punt returners and third down backs.

If the 49ers can take care of some of these areas of need, especially getting a signal caller that is consistent and plays mistake free football, they’ll have enough talent to be the head of the division. And enough talent to compete for the franchises 6th Super Bowl.