Jabaal Sheard Scouting Report


Pass Rush Skills: Doesn’t always get off the ball first, but has the quickness to make up for it.  Can blow by linemen if they are slow out of their stance.  Uses a wide variety of pass rush moves.  Able to use his speed to get around the edge.  Plays with some strength and leverage.  Has a good bull rush to drive linemen back into the quarterback and collapse the pocket.  Has shown the ability to also use a swim move, spin move, and rip move to get pressure on the quarterback.  Utilizes a jab step nicely to fake inside and go outside, or vice versa.  Uses his hands well to get the offensive linemen off balance.  Also does a nice job of using his hands (swatting) to keep the linemen’s hands off of him.  If he doesn’t get pressure, stops and gets his hands up in the passing lane.  Due to his quickness off the edge, he will force some holding penalties.  Mostly lined up against the right tackle.

Versus the Run: Is capable of using his hands to shed blocks and defend against the run.  Overall is a decent tackler, but will not wrap up at times.  Sometimes when reading run, will crash too hard inside leaving the outside open for cutbacks.  Can be a disruption in the backfield, amassing 35.5 tackles for loss during his college career. Is relatively stout at the point of attack, but doesn’t handle double teams well.  Is susceptible to cut blocks.

Versatility: Is mainly a 4-3 defensive end.  On occasion did rush from the stand up position.  Some may think he can transition to an outside linebacker in a 3-4 because of his size and pass rush ability, but is a little stiff and doesn’t have experience in coverage.

Instincts/Motor: Instincts are okay, but would like to see them develop more, especially against the run.  Has a solid motor.  Will do whatever it takes to get the quarterback and won’t give up easily.  Stays with plays and will pursue ball carriers 10-15 yards down field to get in on the tackle.  Does show some fatigue late in games though.

Intangibles: Team captain.  Three year starter a Pitt.  Big East Defensive Player of the Year in 2010.  First Team All-Big East in 2010.  During the summer of 2010, had an off the field issue when he was arrested for felony aggravated assault, criminal mischief, and resisting arrest.  Ended up pleading guilty to disorderly conduct.  Rescued an elderly woman from a burning building in his home state of Florida.  Majored in Forensic Sciences.

Overall Stock: Jabaal has excellent pass rush ability.  Finished his career at Pitt with 19.5 sacks.  Is able to use the full repertoire of pass rush moves, keeping tackles on their toes.  He has the speed and quickness to get around the edge and also enough strength to go right at offensive linemen using a bull rush.  Is a solid tackler with a good motor, but would like to see him develop in the run game a little more.  Some teams may try to convert him to an outside linebacker in a 3-4.  I don’t think that would be his best fit at the next level.  I believe Jabaal is in the mix to be a first round pick, but due to the depth at the defensive end position this year, it may cause him to slip to the second round.  With his pass rush skills and tenacity, Jabaal could become one of the better defensive ends to come out of this draft.

NFL Comparison: Charles Johnson

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