2015 NFL Draft Dates Announced, Site Still Unknown


According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the 2015 NFL Draft will take start on April 30th and continue until May 2nd.  At this point, where this year’s NFL Draft will be held has not been decided at this point.  This year’s event will maintain the recent run of starting on a Thursday and ending on a Saturday.

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There has been rumblings the NFL was considering extending the event to a fourth day with the first and second rounds having their own days in NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s never ending crusade to prove he can indeed get blood from a stone.  Perhaps the recent run of awful press for Goodell put enough pressure on the league to avoid trying to aggravate both teams and potential draftees with another grueling day of waiting to find out if they are drafted and where they are going to get more advertising dollars and keep NFL Network flush with viewers.  There is nothing to indicate that discussion has been completely ended, but at least for the time being, the event will continue to be three days in length.

The location of this year’s draft is expected to be decided and announced at the league’s fall meetings that take place in New York next week.  Chicago and Los Angeles are the finalists to host the event since the NFL has ended their partnership with Radio City Music Hall.