Washington dismisses CB Marcus Peters per report from The Seattle Times


The University of Washington has dismissed their top cornerback, Marcus Peters, according to a report from The Seattle Times.  The move was on the heels of an incident where Peters got into an argument with one of the assistant coaches at the Husky program.  This is one of several incidents that has reportedly occurred since Chris Petersen’s staff took over at Washington.  Peters is a junior and can opt to declare for the 2015 NFL or he can go to another school to finish out his eligibility.

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Regarded as one of the top cover corners in college football, the expectation is that Peters will go ahead and declare for the NFL Draft.  He has a good combination of size and strength that is increasingly popular in both college and the NFL now as teams try to get longer in the secondary to combat rules changes that increasingly favor offensive football.

NFL teams will obviously be more than a little interested in hearing from both the Husky coaching staff as well as Peters as to what caused his exit from Washington.  Depending on the circumstances as well as how Peters answers questions could have a huge impact on his NFL Draft stock and which teams are interested in his services at the next level.

Though it appears unlikely that Peters would go to another school to play out his senior year, the consideration beyond simply trying to get more prepared for an NFL career both physically and mentally is image repair.  If the situation at Washington was so poisonous that it could drastically impact his draft stock, he might be well served to find a coaching staff where he can have a good relationship and look more trustworthy.

Keep in mind that Chris Petersen has dealt with his share of personalities both now at Washington as well as his time at Boise State.  Most notably is Titus Young who went from being a productive wide receiver in Boise to having his life spiral out of control with a litany of incidents with law enforcement both in his time in the NFL and after he was kicked out of the league.

Peters has the talent to go early in the 2015 NFL Draft and there are always teams willing to bet on talent.  The nearby Seattle Seahawks are a great example, but Peters needs to get some good advice and be extremely honest with himself whether he is ready to declare for the NFL Draft or if he needs to get more mature before making that leap.