Melvin Gordon’s Stock on the Rise

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Nov 2, 2013; Iowa City, IA, USA; Wisconsin Badgers running back Melvin Gordon (25) avoids the tackle by John Lowdermilk (37) of the Iowa Hawkeyes at Kinnick Stadium. Wisconsin beat Iowa 28-9. Mandatory Credit: Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports


Another important trait for a running back is elusiveness because you can’t last in the NFL if you can make guys miss. You don’t have to be Barry Sanders but even Jerome Bettis made guys miss and lasted in the NFL because of it. Gordon has moves that have moves so he is strong in that department and will be among the most elusive runners when he gets to the NFL.

When he plants that foot, he is gone the other way and defensive players often grab at air when trying to tackle him. Gordon also has a nice, quick spin move that gets him out of harms way and to the next level of the defense where it’s a footrace. At the very least and most important, he doesn’t give his whole body to defensive players so he will likely last a while.