Ty Montgomery Will be the Steal of the 2015 NFL Draft

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Montgomery has a blend of talents that would make him a dream of a No. 1 receiver for a team that doesn’t have one. At 6’2″, 215 pounds, Montgomery has great size, runs good routes and game-breaking speed to go the distance when it’s there. He has been maligned for his hands lately because of couple drops in the rain against Notre Dame but no one says anything about Amari Cooper’s three drops against Auburn.

So to go with the aforementioned traits, he runs very well after the catch as he makes guys miss and runs through contact. And just like most receivers that run well after the catch, he’s a punt and kick returner which gives him more value to his team. I’ve been saying and I’ll keep saying that to me, he is a modern-day version of Tim Brown that will be among the league leaders in total yards.