Oakland Raiders Still Closing in on Leonard Williams

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Clearer Path

Winning those couple of games really ended up being the best thing the Raiders could do to be able to get Leonard, the best player in the draft. Because the temptation, especially if McKenzie were still the G.M., would be to trade down for a package of picks. But now, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tennessee Titans have the first two picks and both of them need the quarterbacks everyone wants to trade for.

And while the Titans are the one’s who are most likely to trade out of the No. 2-spot, the Raiders now have a clear path to Williams. So there’s no need to worry for Raiders fans that want Williams because the Raiders just became more likely to get him. I don’t see the Raiders beating the Buffalo Bills or the Denver Broncos to close the season so the Raiders will get the best player in the draft two years in a row.