Case For Khalil Mack to Win Defensive Rookie of the Year

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More With What’s Around Him

Saying that the other two rookies are better than Mack because of stats is like saying Emmitt Smith was better than Walter Payton. Smith had most of his offensive line, a receiver, a quarterback and a tight end worthy of the Hall of Fame. Payton didn’t play with a Hall of Famer on his offense and in his prime, he didn’t have a good offensive line.

And when you look at Donald, you see Pro Bowlers Chris Long and Robert Quinn on the defensive line with him. Mosley has Haloti Ngata in front of him taking triple-teams and Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dummerville turn plays back inside for Mosely to make. Inside linebackers are supposed to make more tackles anyway while Sio Moore, who isn’t a Pro Bowler like the rest of those guys are yet, is the only guy of note Mack has.