Danielle Hunter Scouting Report

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Bottom Line

While most of the scouting world gave him first-and-second-round grades, I gave him a third round grade. Hunter is too much like Mingo and those that are Cleveland Browns fans know that’s not a good thing. He has all the length and athleticism in the world but can’t be ready for the NFL coming off a 2-sack season as Mingo came up after 4.5.

The upside is definitely tremendous but his floor is way too low as his coach is going to have to work overtime with him. There are just certain things you should know how to do already before going into the NFL that he hasn’t shown. And learning this fundamentals while getting beat up by 350-pound tackles isn’t the best way to learn.

How’s that working for Mingo?

Seven sacks in his first two years says it’s not at this point.

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