Danielle Hunter Scouting Report

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What I See

You can’t deny his height, weight and speed nor can you deny is length when you first see him. I also have to agree with the scouts about the way he uses his length the play the run and bat down passes. The surprising strength is also there and yes, his aggression is what the NFL is looking for as he is more than willing to throw his body around.

But I can’t get myself to agree with Rang on what he said about Hunter in regards to his awareness. He often gets himself out of position to make a play and runs right by the ball-carrier when he stunts. And I would be very concerned about his production as he has five sacks in three years and the SEC doesn’t have the best left tackles.

What’s concerning isn’t just the fact that he doesn’t have sack production, it’s the reason why he doesn’t. I also don’t see a lot of pass-rush moves, counter moves or quick hands to win the hand-fight to get to the quarterback. And when it comes to his get-off, he’s very consistent—he’s consistently late of the ball.