NFL Free Agency 2015: Top-5 Under the Cap

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No. 1: Jacksoville Jaguars

FA. player. 52. Terrance Knighton is the best 4-3 nose tackle against the run in the NFL. But the Broncos can’t pay him and Del Rio is in Oakland now, where he isn’t needed. So the Jaguars use that cap room they have to bring one of their own back home.. NT. Leaving the Denver Broncos. Terrance Knighton

FA. player. 52. Jordan Cameron is tired of being caught between guys that are in trouble. So when free agency hits, he’s going to catch the first thing out of town. The Jacksonville Jaguars have plenty of money for him and quarterback Blake Bortles can use a security blanket.. TE. Leaving the Cleveland Browns. Jordan Cameron

The New York Jets need an explosive, game-breaking type of running back. C.J. Spiller is just that when healthy and he’s from right down the road from Jacksonville. So the Jaguars, who have plenty of cap room, could bring him in and it’s a good fit.. RB. Leaving the Buffalo Bills. C.J. Spiller. FA. player. 52

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