San Francisco 49ers 2015 NFL Draft Preview

Teams are putting the finishing touches on their preparation as the 2015 NFL Draft is nearly here.

To preview the draft for the San Francisco 49ers, I got together with Doug Totten of Niner Noise. Below are my questions followed by his answers.

1. What are the team’s biggest needs heading into the draft and how might they address them?

Cornerback, WR, ILB, OL, DL, RB. Expect the 49ers to trade around quite a bit to pick up some extra picks to meet all of their needs. A first round trade up may occur for Amari Cooper or Trae Waynes, but I expect the later rounds to have the 49ers hopping all over the place, as GM Trent Baalke loves to do.

2. What needs to happen for this draft to be considered a success?

An amazing success would include finally drafting a long-term wide receiver while finding solid replacements at several other positions, such as CB. I would settle for replenishing the roster and picking up a few key players.

3. What in your mind would make this draft a failure?

Failure would mean not having any immediate impact players. The 49ers still have some talent, and they would be wasting players such as Anquan Boldin if they do not replenish key pieces quickly.

4. What is a bold prediction for your team this draft?

I hinted at this above. I predict the 49ers will trade up into the top-ten for a wide receiver. Typically the 49ers trade down and stockpile picks, but the 49ers could really use a weapon at receiver, and though it would hurt them to lose some draft picks, it would be worth it, depending on the price.

5. What is a draft angle the general public might not be aware of for your team?

Under GM Trent Baalke the 49ers have made a habit out of picking up talented but risky players who fell either due to injury (Marcus Lattimore, Tank Carradine, and Brandon Thomas come to mind) or off-field issues (e.g. Aaron Lynch). Sometimes this works wonders and other times it does not work out (Lattimore, for instance), but the 49ers are always on the lookout for talent and value at a bargain.

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