NFL 2015 first-round preseason grades

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Aug 20, 2015; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Danny Shelton (71) at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

A+. <p>The days of simply running the ball up the middle, to beat the Cleveland Browns are over. Nose tackle Danny Shelton, a 6’2″, 340-pounder, was taken No. 12 overall to put an end to those days. From training camp to Week 3 of the preseason games, no one has been able to move Shelton.</p> <p>He has looked dominant, just tossing blockers off of him like rag-dolls to disrupt running plays. No, a player like Sheldon isn’t going to have a bunch of tackles but he affects the opposing team’s running game in many ways. He pushes the center back so quickly, the running back has to hurry up and cut before he wants to.</p> <p>And when he takes on double and triple-teams, without being moved back, it allows his linebackers to run to the ball. He also rushes the passer better than many think but he won’t be in on passing situations. The Browns are definitely did well here because Shelton looks like a dominant player that’s turning a team weakness into a strength so far.</p>. NT. Cleveland Browns. DANNY SHELTON

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