2016 NFL Draft: early look at Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield


Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield is an interesting quarterback prospect because of his strong production but questionable measureables. This is a very experienced quarterback after having started his true freshman season at Texas Tech before transferring to Oklahoma. That experience has helped him succeed thus far this season.

Mayfield is listed at 6’1” but based on the eye test that might be a little generous. His lack of size is a concern and impacts the game with a lot of tipped balls at the line of scrimmage. These tips have a tendency to end up in the defenses hands which makes Mayfield a little turnover prone.

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While he’s a solid athlete, Mayfield isn’t someone who’s going to hurt you with his legs. He mainly uses his movement skills to work out of a moving pocket or pick up a few yards after faced with pressure. It’s important to note that a large majority of his throws come on a roll out which is designed to limit his decision making to one side of the field.

Mayfield has average arm strength and shows the ability to generate some zip on the ball. However, the zip he generates is because he’s committed to driving off his back foot and stepping into his throws. His best throwing skill is his ball placement and short accuracy.

This clip shows Mayfield driving the ball off his back foot, squaring to his target and delivering the ball only where his receiver can make the catch:

This is an average quarterback prospect at best—not only because of his limited arm strength and size. He also struggles accurately throwing the deep ball. Mayfield routinely overthrows, under throws or completely miss fires on plays down the field.

The clip below is an example of Mayfield’s poor deep ball:

NFL quarterbacks need to be able to stretch the field in order to succeed. Unless Mayfield can show he’s more than a game-manager type who works the underneath passing game he’ll be limited as a prospect.

Fortunately, Mayfield has another year of eligibility to work on his game and show improvement.

Current Draft Position: 5th Round