Projected 2016 NFL Draft Order: Week 2

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Sep 20, 2015; Green Bay, WI, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) is tackled by Green Bay Packers inside linebacker Clay Matthews (52) during the first quarter at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

25. Atlanta Falcons

Dan Quinn has the Atlanta Falcons playing fast and with confidence. This defense is far from a top-rated unit but they only need to make a few key stops in a game for the team to find success. The offense with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones is talented enough overcome some defensive shortcomings.

It’ll be interesting to see if the running game can remain a solid complementary piece with Tevin Coleman expected to miss some time with a rib injury.

26. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle is too talented of a team to panic. They will right the ship and find a way to get back into the mix. The key is that this is a resourceful team that had to open the season with two challenging road games. Seattle is a dominant home team and a few games at CentryLink field will serve as a boost.

The Cam Chancellor thing needs to get sorted out and these losses will increase the pressure on Seattle to get a deal done. His potential return to the lineup will also provide a spark.

27. Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton looks more comfortable this year and it has a lot to do with the presence of Tyler Eifert. History has shown us that most quarterbacks love having a safety-net tight end who can work the middle of the field. A healthy Eifert has added another element to this offense.

The Bengals defense has significantly improved their pass-rush which was a real problem last season. This might be the year Cincinnati finally gets a playoff win.

28. Denver Broncos

The Broncos might be 2-0, but they there are plenty of question marks surrounding this team. Offensively, they have been unable to establish a strong running game and the offensive line has had a hard time protecting Peyton Manning.

This team is where they are right now because of the strong play of the defense. It’ll be key for the defense to continue its hot start in order to allow Manning and the offense to adjust to all the offseason changes.

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29. Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s weird watching the Pittsburgh Steelers win games because of their high-flying offense. The Steelers have always been known for their strong defensive play, but now it’s the offense that is carrying the load.

This offense will only get better with Le’Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant poised to come off suspension in the next two weeks. At this point, the Steelers only need the defense to play average football and show some improvement.

30. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are playing really good football and look poised for another playoff run. Health will be a key again this season because at full strength they are as good as any time in the NFL. I’m also going to watch the status of the running game.

David Johnson has made some big plays and it might be only a matter of time before he starts to get more touches. The combination of Johnson and a healthy Andre Ellington adds another dynamic to this offense.

31. Green Bay Packers

The Packers appear to be at the top of the class in the NFC. They were able to overcome several injuries to key players and secure a huge win against the Seattle Seahawks. Green Bay also received good news that the injuries to Eddie Lacy and Davante Adams are minor.

New England Patriots- Pick Forfeited due to bounty-gate

It’s obvious that this offseason filled with turmoil only served as motivation for the Patriots. Tom Brady is absolutely on fire and it helps having the unstoppable Rob Gronkowski. However, not everything is coming up roses.

New England has yet to establish a consistent ground attack and the defense still has question marks. Ok, I’ll stop! The Patriots are playing as good as anyone in the league.