2016 NFL Draft: 5 potential NFL Draft Day Trades

Dec 29, 2015; Fort Worth, TX, USA; California Golden Bears quarterback Jared Goff (16) celebrates with his teammates after defeating the Air Force Falcons at Amon G. Carter Stadium. California won 55-36. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 29, 2015; Fort Worth, TX, USA; California Golden Bears quarterback Jared Goff (16) celebrates with his teammates after defeating the Air Force Falcons at Amon G. Carter Stadium. California won 55-36. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /

2016 NFL Draft will likely feature a few intriguing draft day trades.

With the NFL draft coming closer and closer to us, the teams will be more and more driven to discuss trades that are agreed to on draft day when prospects fall to unexpected spots(at least to the teams interested in him). With that in mind, let’s speculate on what trades are possible come Day 1 of the draft.

1. Los Angeles Rams deal up to pick #2 for Jared Goff, QB California.

The basics of the trade: The Rams get pick #2 overall from the Cleveland Browns. The Browns get pick #15, the Rams’ 2nd round from Philadelphia, the Rams’ natural 2nd round pick, DB TJ McDonald, WR Tavon Austin and a conditional 2017 2nd round pick.

Why do the Rams make this trade?

Fisher and Snead probably don’t survive the season if they don’t show any progress and especially if they don’t have a quarterback of the future showing promise for them. Nick Foles and Case Keenum, right now, don’t look like the future. They don’t even look like the present. Foles has talent for sure, but he’s not been able to repeat his 2013 season.

Goff, although a flawed prospect, might be a good fit in LaLa Land. Fisher doesn’t want to go down the field, he wants to use Gurley as the primary engine of the offense and have the passing offense based around play action and shorter routes. Goff’s flaw is that he lacks the deep ball velocity to overcome bad weather situations and to throw the entire passing tree. In this offense and playing in the NFC West where he would play in less cold/bad weather games, this could be less of a problem for him.

Why do the Browns make this trade?

They have a lot of holes and while someone like Jalen Ramsey or Jared Goff could fix a lot of their issues, they just can’t pass on a trade offer like this. With Robert Griffin III in place at quarterback, it’s not critical for them to take a quarterback at #2. And they get a lot of pieces that they can use here. Austin and McDonald start for them immediately. And now they would have 4 picks in the top 45 picks to rebuild that team.

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2. Denver deals up for Paxton Lynch

The basics of the trade: Denver gets pick #18 and the Colts’ 5th round pick, the Indianapolis Colts get pick #31 and the Broncos’ 2nd round pick.

Why does Denver make this trade?

It’s looking increasingly unlikely that Elway will be able to swing a trade for Colin Kaepernick. It’s possible that something changes but Kaepernick holds all the cards in this hand. The 49ers can’t move him without giving him a new deal and that means that Kaepernick can choose his next team. Lynch will remind Elway of Osweiler: tall, strong armed and has good vision. But he needs some time to refine his game, the Sanchise gives him some of that time.

Why does Indianapolis make this trade?

They have multiple needs and the real bubble of talent in this draft is from 20-50, so they pick up a 2nd to move back 13 picks for only the cost of a 5th. It would be the difference from a draft that looks like this:

1st: Shaq Lawson

2nd: Le’Raven Clark

Or a draft that looks like this:

1st(from Denver): Leonard Floyd

2nd: Le’Raven Clark

2nd(from Denver): Nick Martin

For a team that needs talent right now, that’s a no brainer.

3. 49ers deal up to #1 for Carson Wentz

The basics of the trade: The 49ers get pick #1 overall from Tennessee for pick #7 overall, Jimmie Ward, the 49ers’ 2017 1st round and 2016 3rd round pick.

Why do the 49ers make this trade?

Blaine Gabbert is still Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick wants out. They don’t have much talent at quarterback even with both of them on the roster and more than most offenses Kelly’s needs quality play from that spot. Wentz, even though I personally think he’s overrated, has the combination of arm strength and mobility which would allow Kelly to bring back designed quarterback runs.

Why do the Titans make this trade?

They’ve done everything they can to shop this pick short of putting up on Ebay. They might like Ramsey, Bosa or Tunsil but not as the #1 overall pick. With this deal, they get a potential starter at safety in Ward(who seems stuck behind Bethea for now in San Fran) an extra 1st next year, a 3rd in 2016 and still stay in the top ten so that they can draft a tackle or defensive lineman that they need.

4. The Washington Redskins trade up for Andrew Billings.

The basics of the trade: The Redskins get pick #13 and a 2016 4th round pick from Miami for pick #21 and Chris Culliver.

Why do the Redskins make this trade?

The Redskins need defensive line help and they think that they’re fine at corner without Culliver. Their pass defense played much better after Culliver went down in 2015 and they probably can find a vet to take Culliver’s spot on the defense. Billings can play 1 and 0 for them and instantly should represent an upgrade to their defensive line.

Why do the Dolphins make this trade?

They still stay in the first round, pick up a vet corner who’s probably better than anyone that they currently have(when healthy) and all for the cost of 8 spots in the first round and a 4th round pick. That’s pretty good business.

5. Steelers deal up for Karl Joseph

The basics of the trade: The Steelers get pick #19 and Seantrel Henderson from Buffalo for pick #26, Jarvis Jones and Mike Adams.  

Why do the Steelers make this trade?

They still haven’t replaced the safety play that they got from Polamalu and Clark. They’ve been trying to slap together vets with some one dimensional young players but since they haven’t found themselves a roving strong safety yet, there’s too much pressure on the inside backers and corners to make up for that. Joseph, when healthy, could finally fill this need. The Steelers probably need to move ahead of the Redskins for him and do so for the cheap price of dumping Adams and Jones on a team that could use them.

Why do the Bills make this trade?

They get a starting outside linebacker in Jones(they literally have nothing at that position right now), a swing tackle in Adams and only drop back a few spots. The only way that they really should consider saying no to this deal is if they’re afraid that Paxton Lynch will go between 19-25.