2017 NFL Draft: Syracuse Amba Etta-Tawo Scouting Report

Syracuse’s Amba Etta-Tawo is a big bodied wide receiver prospects who flashes some big-play ability.

Amba Etta-Tawo has strong measurables with a long frame and a solid build. He shows the ability to use his frame to box out defenders and high point the football. Etta-Tawo also flashes the speed to make plays downfield and outpace defenders.

However, he lacks consistency and tends to leave a lot of plays on the field. Etta-Tawo struggles to make the tough catch in traffic or on poorly thrown balls. To be effective in the NFL a receiver needs to be able to fight through contact and win in contested situations.

Etta-Tawo needs to show more aggressiveness and attack the ball at its highest point. He has the size and physical skills needed to win in those situations, but struggles with his awareness. There are too many times where he appears to run poor routes.

The issue is that he doesn’t always get the proper depth which makes the throw more difficult on the quarterback. This is most notable when he’s working across the middle or on a post route. He also needs to be more committed to working back to the quarterback.

Etta-Tawo tends to break off his route and wait for the ball. This won’t work at the next level where NFL cornerbacks will jump in front of him for the interception.

All the problems surrounding Etta-Tawo’s game can be fixed through better and more individualized coaching. He has obvious talent and has made plays despite a lack of polish. This is a homerun type prospect who could easily develop into a top-tier NFL receiver.

However, it’s also possible that he never masters his craft nor gains a proper feel for the game. This is why he’s likely to be a mid to late-round pick as a lottery ticket.

Current Draft Status: Early 5th Round