2017 NFL Draft: Tennessee Alvin Kamara Scouting Report

Tennessee’s Alvin Kamara is an explosive athlete who could quickly carve out an important role in the NFL.

Alvin Kamara is a versatile running back prospect who makes an impact as a runner and pass catcher. He’s a quick-twitch athlete who gets up to full speed in a hurry. Kamara has a no-nonsense running style where he focuses on getting north and south.

He features that elite burst needed to press the line and shoot through fast-closing running lanes. His quickness allows him to outpace defensive angles and quickly reach the second level. Kamara is someone who jumps off the screen every time he touches the ball.

His running style is interesting for a back with his smaller stature. He prefers to quickly get downhill and doesn’t dance around to make defenders miss. It helps him avoid tackles for loss as he gets to the line of scrimmage in a hurry.

The issue is that he lacks the bulk and power needed to move the pile. He isn’t someone who’ll consistently break tackles and will at times get stopped by arm tackles.

Still, Kamara will be able to be effective at the next level because of his explosiveness. It also helps that he’s an excellent pass catcher and dangerous when in space. He has strong hands and routinely plucks the ball away from his frame.

His body control and balance help him haul in the pass without slowing his momentum. He also shows awareness in the screen game with the patience to allow his blocks to set up.

Kamara’s lack of size is an issue when it comes to pass protection. He’s willing to meet the rusher in the hole, but struggles anchoring after contact. This is something that could improve with more time in the weight room.

His future in the NFL might be limited to a change of pace type of back. However, the league is trending towards these type of running backs who can gain big chunks of yardage and help in the passing game. Kamara could have a similar impact as someone like Theo Riddick.

Current Draft Range: 3rd Round