2017 NFL Draft: East Carolina Zay Jones Scouting Report

East Carolina’s Zay Jones is a wide receiver prospect who has the traits needed to develop into an impact NFL player.

Zay Jones has a long and athletic frame which he uses to high point the football. He features excellent hands with the ability to pluck the ball out of the air. Jones’ overall production was hindered some by the questionable talent at quarterback.

This is a solid all-around receiver who can stretch the field, work across the middle and along the sidelines. He is a good route runner who uses his balance to create separation and mask his routes.

Jones is a shifty athlete who can pick up yards after the catch. However, he does struggle outpacing defensive angles on the outside. His performance at the combine will play an important part in where he gets drafted.

It’s not that Jones lacks speed, but that he doesn’t create a lot of space on 9-routes. This could be due to defensive game planning or a lack of top-end speed. The fact that he can create separation on the underneath routes makes me lean towards defensive game planning.

Even if he’s speed is below average, Jones can make plays down field thanks to his body control and leaping ability. He’s able to easily adjust his body to make a play on poorly thrown balls. The combination of leaping ability, strong hands and body control also makes Jones a major red zone threat.

Jones is a hard nose player who gives effort as a blocker and isn’t afraid to sacrifice his body to make a catch.

This is a prospect who could quickly turn into a mid-round steal based on his upside. Again, the combine will play a role on where Jones comes off the board.

Current Draft Range: 4th Round