NFL Rumors: Assessing the Kirk Cousins to the San Francisco 49ers Rumors


There has been a lot of talk surrounding how the Kirk Cousins’ contract situation will play out, but things have taken a turn with the San Francisco 49ers entering the rumor mill.

Kirk Cousins is heading towards another interesting offseason where he hopes to land a long-term deal. This situation will be fun to watch as the Washington Redskins try to figure out if they want to commit big dollars to keep Cousins in town.

Most felt the logical course of action was for the Redskins to use the franchise tag until they were able to agree to a long-term agreement. This plan would provide Cousins with some financial stability while giving the Redskins flexibility.

However, we are starting to see more rumors swirling that the Redskins might be willing to trade their starting quarterback. The newest rumor has the San Francisco 49ers in the mix to strike a deal for Cousins.

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Just looking at the stats, Cousins has put together two straight highly productive seasons. He has topped the 4,000 yard mark, threw more twice as many touchdowns as interceptions and led his team to a playoff appearance.

It’s easy to see why a team like the 49ers would be interested in Cousins services. The issues arise when things start to focus on money. Cousins knows that there are plenty of quarterback-needy teams and he’ll get paid a ton of money should he hit the open market.

This means he isn’t going to give Washington a home-town discount. He needs to make sure he cashes in on this opportunity.

The hesitation by Washington shows that they don’t see Cousins as an elite-level quarterback or someone capable of carrying a team to a Super Bowl win. However, the alternatives are players like Colt McCoy or starting over with a rookie.

San Francisco’s interest shows that they recognize the importance of having stability at the position. They’ve had their share of quarterback problems with Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert and an ineffective Alex Smith.

It’ll be fun to see how this plays out and if Cousins is traded how much he fetches in return for the Redskins.