Would the New York Jets Trade for Jay Cutler?


The Chicago Bears will be parting ways with Jay Cutler in the near future and would ideally like to orchestrate a trade in order to get some return.

Jay Cutler has had a maddening tenure with the Chicago Bears. At times, he showed the potential to be a winning quarterback and the type capable of leading a team on multiple playoff runs. It was his electric arm, surprising mobility and willingness to stretch the field that was intriguing.

However, Cutler failed to put it all together piling up more losses and interceptions than playoff wins. Chicago is obviously sick of his inconsistent play and are hoping to find a team willing to provide some compensation for his services.

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The New York Jets are one of the teams that have been mentioned as a possible trade partner. They are a team feeling the heat with both the general manager and head coach on the hot seat. Todd Bowles and company know that they need to start winning games in order to keep their jobs.

This is one of the reasons why it would make sense to bring in a veteran quarterback. The issue is that they have several younger quarterbacks on the roster who have long-term potential.

Christian Hackenberg, last year’s 2nd round pick, is the biggest name in the group and someone who hasn’t taken a single regular season snap under center. The fact that the Jets weren’t willing to give him some run at the end of last year speaks to their lack of confidence in his readiness.

However, it seems like a huge waste to completely write-off Hackenberg based on 1 year of practice time. Signing Cutler would give the Jets the ability to have Hackenberg spend another year honing his talents and still remaining in the mix for the future.

Chicago knows they’re not going to get a lot of value by trading Cutler, but are holding out hope that they could land even a 7th round draft pick.