A Glance at the 2017 NFL Draft

Apr 28, 2016; Chicago, IL, USA; A general view of the stage and podium before the 2016 NFL Draft at the Auditorium Theatre. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 28, 2016; Chicago, IL, USA; A general view of the stage and podium before the 2016 NFL Draft at the Auditorium Theatre. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports /

With the 2017 NFL Draft quickly approaching, it is time to take a look at what is to come. The teams are getting ready to bulk up their teams, but some have more of an advantage then others.

The NFL Draft provides the 32 NFL teams with the opportunity to pick up young athletes to help add depth to their teams. Most teams average between six and eight picks within the seven rounds. This year there are five teams that have a slight advantage over the others.

The Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals are at the top of the list with 11 picks each. The Browns have four in the first two rounds. The Bengals have a majority of their picks in the late rounds. After the 2016-2017 season everyone is well aware that the Browns need the most help.

The Browns played in a lot of close games but couldn’t finish on top. They need to figure out what they will do at the quarterback position. After seeing multiple quarterbacks start, they will be looking for more consistency at that position. They recently traded for Brock Osweiler, but will need to decide if that is the guy they want.

Cleveland needs to add depth to their team and with 11 picks they can do just that. The Browns couldn’t find a win for most of the season and will need to fix that if they want to be a contender. With four picks in the first two rounds, they will be able to find players that can help them right away.

The Bengals were supposed to be a good team in this past season. They fell short and will be looking to fix their problems. During Free Agency, the Bengals should be looking to pick up quick fixes. With a majority of their picks in the later rounds, they won’t be able to pick up players that can start now.

The Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins and the San Francisco 49ers all have 10 picks each. All three of these teams have a majority of their picks coming late. This gives them the opportunity to pick up players that can grow under the guidance of their veterans.

The Broncos are stacked on the defensive line but could add some key components to their secondary. They will also be looking to find a running back, if they don’t pick one up in free agency. Running backs in recent years have been falling to the later rounds giving the Broncos a great opportunity to snag one.

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The 49ers are another team that struggled during the season. They have fired key decision makers and are looking to rebuild their program. With 10 picks in the NFL Draft, they have a great chance at fixing their problems. They have a majority of their picks in the middle of the draft. This gives them a great chance at picking up some great players.

The Redskins are in dire need of fixing their team. They are in a free fall this off-season and need a lot of help from the draft. With the 10 picks, they will need to get some receivers for Kirk Cousins. If Cousins gets traded like he wants, they may need to address the quarterback position also. This team is starting to fall apart and needs a lot of help.

The 2017 NFL Draft will have a lot of solid players ready to start right away. This years draft has some great talent coming out at the quarterback position like: Deshaun Watson, Mitchell Trubisky and Patrick Mahomes. The Running backs are also loaded with Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook and Christian McCaffrey.

This Draft has a lot of talent and the Browns, Bengals, Redskins, Broncos and 49ers will walk away with the most of it. This will be an interesting draft. Free Agency will be crucial in helping to decide what directions teams will go, but either way the teams with the most draft picks will be the biggest winners.