New Rule Changes Brings More Fun for Younger Fans

Mar 28, 2017; Phoenix, AZ, USA; commissioner Roger Goodell during a press conference at the NFL Annual Meetings at the Biltmore Resort. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mar 28, 2017; Phoenix, AZ, USA; commissioner Roger Goodell during a press conference at the NFL Annual Meetings at the Biltmore Resort. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

Rodger Goodell, making rule changes, looks to excite young players and fans. Allowing more celebrations after big plays and touchdowns should bring joy to fans.

At a time when the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell seemingly catches heat on a weekly’s basis, he seems to have caught a break this week. The league has been under fire for a number of issues the past few years. One of the biggest issues is young fans and players being turned off by some of the rules in place.

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Rodger Goodell recently introduced rule changes which will be a positive for fans and players. Roger Goodell has steered his from his own rule book and changed some celebration rules. Fans who have mocked the league by calling it the “No Fun League” will be put on hold for now.

In a letter, which can be found on, Goodell has spoken “to the fans” in his attempt to bring back the fun after scoring plays. Some highlighted notes are: players will once again be able to “use the ball as a prop after a touchdown”, “celebrating on the ground” and “group demonstrations”. Recently the younger generation of football players have seen the freedom to celebrate touchdowns taken away.

Chad Johnson dancing in the end zone and Terrell Owens taking popcorn wouldn’t necessarily work today. Recent success of young players such as Odell Beckham Jr. and Jeremy Hill helped kick-start the rules. Y

oung fans have had a small taste by watching the former teammates dance in the end zone. Doing the “whip” in the end zone was embraced as both players enjoyed success.

Declines in ratings from a television standpoint, as well as issues of CTE, football at the Pop Warner age has seen a dip participation. Many participation numbers are due to parents of the children, but issues also have to do with the appeal of the game.

Kids are looking for ways to show case themselves and make memorable plays, and what better way then showing off in front of the world? Players are becoming flashier with social media growing. Young players are attempting to catch the eye of the world with the next “cool” and popular celebration. All of us fans can admit to being excited to see what’s in store.

As a result of the rule changes, Goodell should find himself off the hot seat for a few months. These changes will allow fans embrace the celebrations that have made the players more relatable. Most importantly fans should also be excited with the current direct Goodell and the NFL is heading.

With the new age of social media, the younger players and fans will have fun watching the players celebrate. The NFL will certainly find itself featured on social media in a positive light. The rest of us football fans will appreciate Goodell bringing back some fun into the league.

While the game continues to grow it will be crucial to connect with the young players. Allowing players to show personality will only help the league gain publicity. Players will use the opportunity to market themselves as well as have more fun.  Roger Goodell will have to take the players advice and hope to find success.

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The league will continue to find ways to enhance the game. Making rule changes can only help the league grow and expand to different viewers. Rules such as these will help find the NFL in good gracious with the young fans and players. So for now, Roger Goodell can take a break from the hot seat.