Mitch Hyatt, Clemson: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Clemson’s Mitch Hyatt is an experienced and productive offensive tackle prospect who has a chance to be a solid NFL player.

Mitch Hyatt has played a lot of college football games including several with tons of pressure. He is an aggressive player who fights for positioning and inside hands. His effort and feel for the position help him overcome some physical limitations.

Hyatt is undersized both in terms of length and bulk. He’s thin through the hips and lacks the thick bubble evaluators look for in an offensive tackle prospect. This limited bulk will cause issues anchoring after contact.

He also appears to have shorter arms which will make it tougher for him to gain inside hands. His savvy and effort will always be a key to his success with these issues.

Another way he overcomes these problems is by quickly getting off the ball. He features a quick first step and excellent snap awareness. This allows him to routinely get into the frame of the defender before they can engage.

Hyatt doesn’t feature elite upper body strength, but his attacking style allows him control the action. He gets a small push off the line of scrimmage but shouldn’t be considered a road grader.

As a pass protector, he plays with balance and quick feet. Hyatt is capable of both protecting the edge and adjusting to inside counter moves. His commitment to keeping a low pad level helps him hold at the point of attack.

However, his lack of bulk will make it harder for him to keep the strong NFL defenders from pushing back into the pocket. He will need to work on doing a better job sitting into his stance as there are times where he will bend at his waste.

Hyatt will face a bit of a transition period when going to the NFL. His experience playing in Clemson’s spread attack and working with a mobile quarterback made his job easier. He will need to show that he can sustain blocks longer at the next level.

Overall, this is a solid NFL prospect who could carve out a career as a starter. The problem is that his lack of ideal measurables will be held against him throughout the draft process.