Harold Landry, Boston College: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Boston College’s Harold Landry is an experienced and highly productive edge defender capable of generating pressure on the quarterback.

Harold Landry is well known in NFL Draft circles and could’ve been an early round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. However, he decided to return to Boston College in hopes of solidifying himself as a 1st round pick. His skills as a pass rusher have him squarely in the mix to fulfill that goal.

Landry features a solid build and long arms. He is committed to using his long arms to gain inside hands. This allows him to keep the defender off his frame and employ a few different pass rush moves. His go-to pass rush attack is a stutter set and shooting through the inside gap.

He has excellent snap awareness that helps him get a jump off the ball. Landry is a balanced athlete with the ability to easily change direction and flatten out around the edge. He also does a good job maintaining leverage and getting a push on the pocket.

Boston College asked Landry to drop into coverage from time to time where he showed his athleticism. However, it doesn’t make sense to have him drop into coverage as it limits his pass rushing attempts.

Landry is a good athlete with a quick initial burst, but doesn’t show the elite speed to consistently threaten the edge. He is someone who will need to rely on a wide range of pass rush moves to keep the blocker off balance.

His overall value is helped by the fact that he plays with a non-stop motor and will support the run. He can often be found closing the back door and chasing the ball carrier several yards down field.

Landry’s hand usage and leverage give him the ability to hold at the point of contact. He also has strong hands which help him disengage.