Marcell Frazier, Missouri: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report


Missouri’s Marcell Frazier is a long and athletic defensive end prospect who has flashed big-time pass rushing potential.

Marcell Frazier features a long frame with solid bulk. He also possesses the arm length needed to get into the blockers frame. Frazier flashes a quick burst and the ability to cover ground in a hurry. It’s these raw traits that have him on the NFL radar.

Missouri uses Frazier out of both a three and two point stance. He is strictly asked to work in the trenches and doesn’t drop into coverage. This limits his versatility as he’s someone that will only support the run and rush the passer.

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As a pass rusher, Frazier shows the burst needed to quickly get off the ball and gain the edge. The problem is that he plays with hesitation. He doesn’t appear to feel comfortable with his reads or letting lose. However, on the occasions when he does trust his reads we all get to see his athletic potential.

It’s important to note that this isn’t an effort issue, as Frazier consistently plays to the whistle and hustles to the football.

A lot of Frazier’s value is tied up in potential rather than production. He only real pass rush move is attacking the edge. Frazier needs to develop a wider array of pass rush moves in order to reach his potential.

Another area of concern is Frazier’s ability to support the run. He rarely uses his hands to engage the blocker and anchor. Frazier tends to attempt to shoulder his way through a gap which often creates running lanes.

He must learn to use his hands to keep the blockers off his frame and stand his ground. Frazier has the size and strength to be an effective run defender but must improve his overall technique.

Developing a better overall feel for the game and cleaning up his technique is the key to where Frazier gets drafted. He has the athletic profile and measurables needed to succeed at the next level but is still very raw.