Frank Ragnow, Arkansas: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - OCTOBER 8: Rawleigh Williams III /

Arkansas’ Frank Ragnow is an athletic center prospect who has experience playing against high-level SEC competition.

Frank Ragnow features a long frame, solid bulk and arm length. He’s a very good athlete for the position which allows him to make blocks all over the field. Arkansas often asks him to work on the second level, pull to the edge and contribute on screen plays.

The fact he remains balanced while on the move increases his effectiveness. It allows him to avoid missing blocks and spring the ball carrier for longer runs. This balance is more important to his success than actual quickness.

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His movement skills combined with his size makes him a very versatile player. He is someone capable of working in a power system or zone blocking attack.

Ragnow is committed to gaining inside hands and does so on a consistent basis. He uses his arm length and quick initial burst to gain position. However, Ragnow tends to raise his pad level too early and give up leverage.

He needs to do a better job staying low in order to avoid becoming off balance. This raised pad level is also a problem that arises in pass protection.

Ragnow features good foot speed which helps him mirror in defender. His arm length helps him keep the pass rusher off his frame. However, he is susceptible to the power rush because his tendency to raise his pads.

Again, Ragnow must do a better job sitting into his stance to keep his anchor. He has the athleticism to keep low but needs to show better commitment.

Ragnow is an overall strong center prospect who could also play some guard. He has the athletic profile and feel for the position to be an early starter in the NFL. The adjustments he needs to make are minor and coachable.