Lamar Jackson: 2018 NFL Draft Preview

LOUISVILLE, KY - NOVEMBER 26: Lamar Jackson /

Lamar Jackson might be the most polarizing quarterback in this years draft, is he a college quarterback or NFL level arm?


The first thing most people will notice about Lamar Jackson is his athleticism. Jackson is a top level athlete, not just at the quarterback position, but anywhere on the field. While that is an asset to any quarterback, it makes scouts question if his legs scare defenses more than his arm.

Due to his athleticism Jackson could make the switch to wide receiver in the NFL, see Braxton Miller and Terrelle Pryor. That will be a fall back plan, and I think scouts love to see NFL wide receiver as a second option. The switch from quarterback would take time, but if a team drafts a quarterback early, they would more than likely be fine with waiting on him to learn the position.

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Jackson doesn’t have to make the switch as of now, because he flashes NFL arm talent. Lamar Jackson throws a tight spiral and he doesn’t struggle to get the ball down the field. Jackson has some deep passes that fall right into the bucket, which is incredibly valuable to offenses.

One thing that Jackson does ,that could undo him, is trusting his arm too much. Jackson occasionally tries too hard to fit passes into windows, instead of waiting for a second window. Jackson also occasionally locks in on a receiver, and doesn’t see defenders coming in to make a play.


Lamar Jackson also needs to work on his feet, which are occasionally lifeless. Jackson occasionally misses some passes just because his body isn’t in line, and in the NFL every bad pass is at risk of being intercepted. One thing Lamar Jackson does have going for him is his agility in the pocket. Jackson makes defenders look silly when they try to sack him, because he just disappears when they get close.

Jackson has a small wind up in his throwing motion, somewhat similar to Carson Wentz, that could lead to some accuracy issues. When the ball comes below the elbow of a quarterback, the ball tends to sail over it’s target. Jackson is still young, so he could improve his mechanics, which would improve his accuracy.


Lamar Jackson is going to need to add around 20 pounds to withstand an NFL season of punishment. Jackson will more than likely need work to improve his mechanics when he gets to the NFL. Jackson could be a better version of Robert Griffin III, but it will be because he improves mentally and mechanically. If Jackson doesn’t prove he can read defenses and protect himself he could end up exactly like RGIII, fighting for a roster spot.