Derrius Guice: 2018 NFL Draft Preview

BATON ROUGE, LA - OCTOBER 01: Derrius Guice
BATON ROUGE, LA - OCTOBER 01: Derrius Guice /

Derrius Guice runs like a bull in a china shop, and it might carry him into the first round.

The running style of Guice can be characterized as physical. Guice does not shy away from contact, he is always fighting for yards until the whistle blows. Derrius Guice is around 210 pounds, but he runs like former teammate Leonard Fournette.

The main outcome of Guice running so hard is defenders are almost incapable of tackling him. Guice will go through, around or over defenders. No top back ever shy’s away from contact, but few do so little to avoid it as Guice.

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Derrius Guice is excellent at knowing when to wait for a hole to open, and when to get what he can get. Guice gets to an open hole as quick as any back in this years draft. The lack of hesitation means he doesn’t lose yards dancing in the backfield. Guice explodes to the line and through the hole, because he trusts his eyes. Running backs like Trent Richardson, who never have to find holes, rarely succeed in the NFL.

Athletic Ability

Derrius Guice has legitimate break away speed, and he looks almost effortless getting there. Against Texas A&M, Guice outran defensive backs while breaking a tackle. Getting up to top speed is not a problem for Guice. Guice is built perfectly to play running back, with a low center of gravity, thick legs, and lean torso. This allows him to sustain the contact he invites for an entire season.

One thing that separates Guice from other fast running backs is his change of direction. Guice can start and stop with most backs, especially those at around 210 pounds. Guice can go around most linebackers, and through most defensive backs. See examples here.

Possible “Improvements”

One thing Guice should try to highlight this coming season is his third down value. Guice shows a willingness to block, but his form and technique could improve. Guice could also show off his ability to catch out of the backfield more in 2017, the NFL is a pass first league, so running backs need to catch the ball well.