Bo Scarbrough: 2018 NFL Draft Preview

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 09: Running back Bo Scarbrough
TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 09: Running back Bo Scarbrough /

Bo Scarbrough might be the most polarizing running back in this years draft class. Some think he is the real deal, while others just a product of a system.

Last season Scarbrough ran for 812 yards on only 125 carries, while averaging 6.5 yards a carry. There are some who see his 6’2″ 228 pound frame and think, Derrick Henry 2.0. However some people would argue that he is a product of his system.

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The problem with scouting Alabama running backs is their offensive line. Having a dominant offensive line should be a tool for a running back, but at Alabama its frequently much more. Trent Richardson dominated in college because he was a better athlete than anyone else. Once he got to the NFL it quickly became evident that he couldn’t see running lanes. Bo Scarbrough isn’t on that level necessarily, but he also does get huge running lanes.

Bo Scarbrough frequently has time to build up a head of steam before  making contact with a defender. That’s where his size comes into effect. Once he is up to speed it is incredibly difficult to stop his 230 pounds of momentum. Scarbrough will need to prove that he can make things happen before he is in the open field to really push himself up draft boards.

All that being said, Scarbrough does one thing very well. When he puts a foot in the ground and gets up field he doesn’t hesitate. Again, it may be Alabama’s good offensive line, but decisiveness is a good quality to have in a running back. Bo Scarbrough reportedly ran a 4.5 40 yard dash, but at the NFL combine that will probably be closer to the 4.60-4.65 range.

Passing Attack

Through his career at Alabama, Scarbrough only has four receptions. There is a difference between not being your teams number one target, and only catching four passes in two years. Scarbrough has the size to be a good blocker in pass protection, but the NFL asks running backs to be weapons in the pass game. That could be the biggest knock on Scarbrough come time for the NFL draft.

Bottom Line

Bo Scarbrough may be just another  running back, but there are fits for him in the NFL. Teams need big goal-line backs that can pound the ball in short yardage situations. Scarbrough more than likely will not garner the high draft attention of former Alabama running backs, but he should be worth a mid to late round selection.