Troy Fumagalli: 2018 NFL Draft Preview

ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 02: Troy Fumagalli
ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 02: Troy Fumagalli /

Troy Fumagalli might be the best all around tight end in college football, but how good can he be in the NFL.

Troy Fumagalli has prototypical NFL size. Standing at 6’6″ and 250 pounds Fumagalli has the size to succeed as an in-line tight end, and as a split receiver. Fumagalli is a great athlete for his size. Not only is he a good receiver, Fumagalli is an excellent blocker.

When asked to block, Fumagalli is much better than most college tight ends. Wisconsin asks their tight ends to be physical in the run game.

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Fumagalli flashes  get movement in the run game. In the Michigan game Fumagalli had some double team pancake blocks. Fumagalli climbs to linebackers well, which you would expect from a tight end. When he is one on one with a defender Fumagalli tries to bury defenders.

As good as Fumagalli is as a blocker, Fumagalli is an even better receiver. Fumagalli is a match up problem, as most people who are big enough to cover him, can’t run with him.

He runs really well for someone of his size, but at 6’6″ he can go up and snatch the ball out of the air. Fumagalli has natural hands, he doesn’t let the ball get to his chest.

Even when Fumagalli has a defender drapped all over him, he finds a way to hold on to the ball. Fumagalli could improve a little bit at getting open, but until he gets better at that he can be a jump ball target. Fumagalli could be along the lines of Hunter Henry in the NFL.

Last year Fumagalli had 47 receptions and 580 yards. While he only had two touchdowns he had numerous big plays. Fumagalli may not have huge production, he displays NFL traits. Fumagalli has the size, speed and hands to play in the NFL. The only question now is when will he be selected?