Chukwuma Okorafor, Western Michigan: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report

CHAMPAIGN, IL - SEPTEMBER 17: Zach Terrell /

Western Michigan’s Chukwuma Okorafor is a rising offensive tackle prospect who has a chance to be a 1st round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Chukwuma Okorafor features a thick frame with good size and long arms. He uses his size to his advantage by sealing defenders in the run game and creating longer routes to the quarterback in pass protection.

This is a good athlete who possesses quick and fluid feet. He is able to shuffle his feet while remaining balanced. This helps him mirror the defender and keep the quarterback clean.

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Okorafor does a great job quickly going from his stance to his set. He plays with sound technique which includes a wide base, strong hand placement and proper use of angles. Okorafor success protecting the edge is thanks to the combination of good athleticism, size and proper technique.

His hand usage plays a major role in his effectiveness. He routinely rolls his hips and delivers a jolt to the defender. This allows him to gain inside hands and latch. Okorafor also features the overall strength to press the defender of his frame.

For his size, Okorafor has surprisingly quick feet. He can change direction and reach the edge against speed rushers.

One area he needs to improve is protecting the inside gap. There are times where the pass rusher is able to counter inside and find success. Okorafor can improve this area of his game by watching film and studying his opponents.

In the running game, he is able to control the action with his strong upper body. Okorafor does a great job gaining proper position and sealing the defender from the play. This has a lot to do with his size, quickness off the ball and use of angles.

Overall, Okorafor has all the traits needed to be a franchise left tackle. His combination of size and overall athleticism is what really stands out. However, his commitment to using proper technique also plays a role in his success.