NFL QB Rankings – NFC East 2017

ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 15: Dak Prescott
ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 15: Dak Prescott /

Having a good quarterback is not only the key to winning your division in the NFL but a Super Bowl as well. Here are my quarterback rankings for the NFC East.

4. Carson Wentz – Philadelphia Eagles

Being the fourth quarterback on this list doesn’t mean that Carson Wentz is a bad NFL quarterback.  In fact Wentz has the potential to be number one on this list at some point in the near future. But for now he starts the season at four.

Wentz has more weapons this season than he did last year in particular wide receiver Alshon Jeffery.  Wentz has good mobility, a strong arm and all the tools for success.  With another year in Doug Pederson’s system he will improve in his second season.

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3.  Kirk Cousins – Washington Redskins

Kirk Cousins has been one of the most prolific passers in football the past two seasons.  Over 9,000 yards passing and 54 TD’s total.  He should have another 4,000 yard season this year.  But even with all the passing yards, Cousins still has yet to prove that he’s a big game QB.

Yes, he’s won some the past few seasons.  But unlike the other top NFL QB’s in the game, Cousins has yet to show the ability to elevate the Redskins into a perennial playoff team.  Like it or not that’s the standard that Kirk Cousins is compared against.  He will get you a lot of yards but can he bring the Redskins a playoff win?

2.  Eli Manning – New York Giants

As a two-time Super Bowl winner one might think that Eli Manning is number one on this list.  When he’s hot, Eli Manning is among the best quarterbacks in the NFL.  He’s talented enough to be great but he doesn’t always play that way.

However, the talent around him could see Eli Manning have the best offensive production of his career.  Guys like Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall give Manning some stellar receiving targets.  But the Giants running game may decide how good Manning will be this year.

1.  Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott has only played one season in the NFL.  So because of that some might think that he doesn’t have enough of a sample size to be called the top QB in the division.  But even with just one season, I’ve seen enough to put him number one.

I like his poise and his work ethic.  He’s the most disciplined of the four QB’s on this list. Yes, the Dallas Cowboys have the best offensive line in football and their running game is outstanding.  But the consistency at quarterback from Dak Prescott was the biggest reason the Cowboys won the NFC East last season.

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I think that consistency will continue in year two for Prescott as the Cowboys starting quarterback. Even though running back Ezekiel Elliot will miss some games on suspension to start the season, I think Dak Prescott will be the top quarterback in the NFC East for 2017.