Jaguars: Why Blake Bortles should start at quarterback


Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles’ struggles have caused the team to lose confidence in him. But he should stay as their starter and here’s why?

He’s the most talented QB the Jags have:

Blake Bortles is short on confidence now and for some of his teammates its blood in the water.  But he possesses many of the other attributes that you look for in a starting quarterback.  At 6’5, 236 Bortles has prototypical size.  Also, for such a big quarterback he has above average mobility.

While he doesn’t have great arm strength, Blake Bortles can make all the throws required of a starting quarterback.  Chad Henne is a good backup quarterback and he could manage the team fine but as far as upside, Henne’s is capped out while Bortles still has some to spare.

I liked Brandon Allen when he came out of Arkansas.  He’s got some nice qualities and could develop into something for the future, but Allen’s not ready to start yet.

But is there an option not currently on the team?

Colin Kaepernick is still out there and has more physical gifts at quarterback than Bortles.  Jaguars owner  Shahid Khan has expressed an interest in signing him if his personnel people see that as an option.  But for now it’s Bortles.

However, physical talent can only get a quarterback but so far.  Talented quarterbacks can lose a team when their lack of fortitude is exposed.  So Blake Bortles needs to find that within him if this is going to work and he needs to find it now.

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Giving Bortles the benefit of the doubt, The Jaguars should have fire Gus Bradley at least two full seasons before actually was.  Bradley’s struggles as a head coach hindered Bortles development.  Or was it the other way around?

Either way, new head coach Doug Marrone wants to win now, so Blake Bortles isn’t going to get many more chances to find his groove.  The problem is, Marrone wants to find lightning in a bottle but it’s not there.  So what’s the alternative?  Chad Henne may have more backbone, more respect from his teammates but Bortles for now is the right choice.

If Blake Bortles falls flat on his face then Marrone can always go back to Henne and no harm done.  But if Marrone can find a way to light a fire under Bortles and get him to finally take care of the football, the Jaguars could have a decent season.