NFL Quarterback Rankings: NFC West – 2017

FOXBORO, MA - NOVEMBER 13: Russell Wilson
FOXBORO, MA - NOVEMBER 13: Russell Wilson /

Having a good quarterback is not only the key to winning your division in the NFL but a Super Bowl as well. Here are my quarterback rankings for the NFC West.

4. Jared Goff – Los Angeles Rams

No one can predict how good of an NFL head coach Sean McVay will be for the Los Angeles Rams.  However, one thing that McVay has proven is that he can produce a prolific offense as he did for the Washington Redskins with quarterback Kirk Cousins.

So second year quarterback Jared Goff has that in his favor and there’s more talent too.  The Rams traded for wide receiver Sammy Watkins giving Goff a potential number one receiver to throw to.  However, there is still pressure on Jared Goff to show improvement over his rookie season.

He was after all the top overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and he needs to start justifying that pick.  I think Jared Goff will improve in 2017, the question is will Goff show the talent of a number one pick or is he just another quarterback?  Time will tell.

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3.  Brian Hoyer – San Francisco 49ers

One of the best things about Brian Hoyer is you know what you’re going to get with him.  He’s not a gun slinger.  He’s going to run your offense efficiently and he’s going to take care of the football.

If you have a team that’s good on defense, Hoyer is the kind of quarterback that can keep you in contention.  However, without that defense he’s not the kind of quarterback who can win you a division over the top two guys on this list.

But Brian Hoyer will make the San Francisco 49ers offense respectable in 2017 and for now, that’s about the most new head coach Kyle Shanahan can ask for.

2.  Carson Palmer – Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer has proven that he can lead the Arizona Cardinals to a division title.  After missing the playoffs last season, Palmer is out to prove he can get them back to the top of the division.  Although he’s in his 15th season, Carson Palmer is still spry enough to play at a pro bowl level.

There is talent around him.  David Johnson is among the best running backs in the league and is the best pass catcher at the position.  Larry Fitzgerald is a year closer to retirement but is still a consistent target for Palmer.

Most importantly Carson Palmer has Bruce Arians as his head coach and Arians is one the NFL’s best quarterback coaches.  So Palmer will have another productive season in 2017 but can he play well enough to get the Cardinals past the Seahawks?

1.  Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks

Wilson has a had an offseason full of controversy.  Teammates suggesting that head coach Pete Carroll is too soft on him and rumors of him being at odds with cornerback Richard Sherman.  All of this the resulting fallout of the devastating loss in Super Bowl 49.

However, a healthy Russell Wilson gives the Seahawks an inside track to winning the NFC West.  He doesn’t run as much as he did earlier in his career and that’s a good thing.  But his mobility still gives him an edge over the other starters in the division.

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Wilson’s performance will improve over 2016 if the Seahawks can get better play from their offensive line and get their running game back to the top five.  If those things happen, then the Seattle Seahawks could be well on their way to finally putting that Super Bowl loss behind them.