NFL Quarterback Rankings – AFC South 2017

DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 18: Marcus Mariota
DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 18: Marcus Mariota /

Having a good quarterback is not only the key to winning your division in the NFL but a Super Bowl as well. Here are my quarterback rankings for the AFC South.

4. Tom Savage – Houston Texans

Tom Savage has only started two games in his short NFL career.  That’s the main reason he’s fourth on this list.  There’s just not a big enough sample size to tell how good he is. However, Tom Savage has some things going for him in the 2017 season.

First, he’s the quarterback of a team with one of the best defense in the NFL.  In fact the defense is loaded, so Savage won’t have to put the team on his shoulders and carry them.  He just needs to steer them in the right direction and keep them pointed that way.

Tom Savage looked good in the preseason.  He has a good knowledge of Bill O’Brien’s offense and a star at wide receiver in Deandre Hopkins.  But Savage does have a some pressure, as the Texans drafted Deshaun Watson as their quarterback of the future.  If Savage struggles then the future is now.

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3.  Blake Bortles – Jacksonville Jaguars

Blake Bortles’ standing as starting quarterback for the Jaguars is shaky at best.  He displayed a lack of confidence during training camp and was criticized by some of his teammates.  New head coach Doug Marrone had Borltles compete with Chad Henne during the preseason for the starting job.

Bortles ended up winning the job, but now he has to exude the confidence of a starter to keep it.  He has all the skills and the prototypical size.  But now after three seasons of mediocre play, Blake Bortles has to come with the goods in 2017.

He has to be more accurate with the football and he has to cut down his turnovers significantly.  That’s what Marrone will demand from him. If not, the Bortles will be competing on a new team next season.

2.  Marcus Mariota – Tennessee Titans

By the time this season is over Marcus Mariota might be number on this list.  He’s shown good development over his first few seasons and the potential is there for even more.  The Titans as a team are emerging in the division and Mariota is one of the key reasons.

However, there have been some injury problems Mariota needs to show that he can make it through an entire season.  He almost did it last year but the Titans are a playoff contender and they’ll need a healthy Marcus Mariota to win the division.

His receiving unit got deeper with the signing of Eric Decker and the Titans running game is one of the best in the NFL with DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry leading the charge.  The only question is just how good Marcus Mariota can become?  He has the talent but now we need to see him lead his team to the playoffs.

1.  Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts

Luck has dealt with injuries over the past few seasons and he still might not be ready to start game one this year.  The Colts are being careful with Luck’s injury as it’s his throwing shoulder.  It’s a slippery slope because if Luck isn’t 100% his play will be affected by it.

So the Colts don’t want to rush back before he’s ready.  But the AFC South will be a hard-fought division this year.  The longer Andrew Luck is out, the Colts chances of winning it become smaller.

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Luck bounced back in 2016 from a nightmare 2015 season. He showed that when healthy he’s still the top quarterback in the division.  However, Marcus Mariota is coming on strong.  But as long as Andrew Luck is healthy and plays well, the Colts will have a good shot at winning the division.