Sheldon Richardson trade: Seahawks and Jets both win

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 21: Defensive end Sheldon Richardson
EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 21: Defensive end Sheldon Richardson /

The New York Jets trade Sheldon Richardson to the Seattle Seahawks for Jermaine Kearse and a second round draft pick. But both teams get what they wanted.

The New York Jets lose Sheldon Richardson but they needed to add some receiving depth badly. They get a good receiver in Jermaine Kearse and he goes from being a number three receiver for the Seahawks and to becoming the Jets top receiver.

They also add a 2018 second round pick for Richardson.  They will more than likely use that pick to take a defensive lineman to replace Richardson.  However, they did not get equal value for a player the caliber of Sheldon Richardson.

But the Jets are in the middle of a tank and their goal is to get a quarterback at the top of the 2018 draft.   They still have Leonard Williams and Muhammad Wilkerson on the D-line.  So they lose depth but Richardson and his salary were expedable.

Meanwhile, a rich Seahawks defense gets richer.  By adding Sheldon Richardson, an already good defense become even better.  Their run defense becomes stingier and Richardson has 18 career sacks.

His presence in the middle of the Seahawks defense helps the other pass rushers apply more pressure.  Richardson will command double teams, giving defensive ends Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril more chances to attack the quarterback.

As for losing Kearse, the Seahawks are still deep at wide receiver and giving him up for Richardson is a no-brainer.  The second round pick is a lot, but the Seahawks don’t mind trading high round picks if it means getting the player they want.

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The Jets weren’t going to win the AFC East any way, so losing Sheldon Richardson doesn’t change their fortunes.  But gaining Richardson enhances the Seahawks’.  Seattle got the better end of the trade but both teams got what they wanted from it.