Los Angeles Rams: Are they this good, or are Colts that Bad?

OAKLAND, CA - AUGUST 19: Jared Goff
OAKLAND, CA - AUGUST 19: Jared Goff /

The Los Angeles Rams blew out the Indianapolis Colts 46-9 in week one.  But are the Rams as good as the score indicates they are or are the Colts that bad?

It wasn’t a surprise that the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Indianapolis Colts in week one but it was surprising how badly they blew them out.  The Rams looked like a potential contender in the NFC West on Sunday, but is it just fools gold?

The Los Angeles Rams were one of those teams under Jeff Fisher that always teetered on the brink of being good, but never got there.  They had a good defense but the offense was always a work in progress.

However, under new head coach Sean McVay, the Rams offense looks like it will finally catch up to the defense.  Quarterback Jared Goff looks much improved over last season and it’s clear that McVay’s teaching is starting to pay off.

But while the Los Angeles Rams passing game was clicking especially to rookie wide receiver Cooper Kupp, the running game with Todd Gurley still needs work.  The Rams defense held the Colts to just 225 total yards and now they get back their best player Aaron Donald.

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But what if Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck had played in this game?  Would the Rams have won as easily as they did?  No they wouldn’t have.  The Colts starter at quarterback Scott Tolzien probably shouldn’t be starting in the NFL.

While I think the Rams still would have won had Andrew Luck played, it wouldn’t have been a blow out. So no, the Rams aren’t as good as the 46-9 score indicates, but they are obviously better than last year.

As for the Indianapolis Colts, now we know why they traded for quarterback Jacoby Brissett.  They knew Scott Tolzien wasn’t any good.  With Andrew Luck, the Colts are a contender.  But until Luck is back in the lineup, it looks like they are that bad.