Adrian Peterson: Saints signed him for all the wrong reasons

CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 10: Running back Adrian Peterson
CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 10: Running back Adrian Peterson /

New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Peterson is not happy with his role in the backfield.  If the Saints aren’t going to give him touches, then why did they sign him?

In the New Orleans Saints 29-19 week one loss to the Minnesota Vikings, Adrian Peterson carried the ball six times for just 18 yards.  Coming into the game I thought the Saints would feed Peterson more touches.

For one, the Saints couldn’t stop talking about how good he looked in training camp.  I figured head coach Sean Payton couldn’t wait to give Peterson the ball once the regular season started, the way they were hyping him up.

Also, playing against the Minnesota Vikings it’s obvious that Adrian Peterson had motivation to play well against his old team.  Especially considering how the Vikings declined to re-sign him when his contract expired.

But for some reason, Peterson was on the sidelines a lot more than anyone could have expected.  This caused Adrian Peterson to openly pout and show his displeasure over not being in the game.  Peterson also, had some choice words for Sean Payton on the sideline during the game.

Both men downplayed the episode, but it was obvious by the look on Peterson’s face that he wasn’t happy.  This begs the question, that if all Adrian Peterson’s role is as part of running back by committee, then why even sign him?

If rookie Alvin Kamara is going to get more touches than Peterson, why is Peterson on the team?  I think I know why.  There’s an arms race going on in the NFC South.  The Atlanta Falcons are loaded with offensive weapons and so are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Carolina Panthers also made some high-profile acquisitions on offense as well.  While the Saints lost a high-profile offensive players during the offseason as they traded their best wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

So I think the Saints signed Adrian Peterson just so they could say they signed a big name offensive player.  If this isn’t true then why wasn’t Peterson featured more against the Vikings?

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I also think Sean Payton simply likes Alvin Kamara and veteran Mark Ingram more than Peterson.  Sure Peterson looked good in training camp but Payton probably realizes that Peterson doesn’t fit his offense as well as he’d hoped.

Now the New Orleans Saints have a problem on their hands. They signed Peterson for his star power and now they’re stuck with him.  Unless, they plan to give him more touches there’s no reason for Peterson to be on the team.

I think a trade is on order.  But unfortunately for the Saints they probably won’t get offered much of a deal for Peterson, as every team in the league now sees how bad the situation is.  But unless things improve, the New Orleans Saints won’t have a choice.