Future is bright at quarterback in the NFL

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 17: Derek Carr /
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TAMPA, FL – OCTOBER 5: Quarterback Tom Brady
TAMPA, FL – OCTOBER 5: Quarterback Tom Brady /

With the looming departures of some of the league’s elite quarterbacks, crisis talk had never been more prominent entering 2017.

Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger have long been a part of the NFL’s elite signal callers.

And, with their respective ages creeping up, the prospect of all three walking away from the game in close succession has prompted much talk surrounding the future of the league at it’s most vital position.

Three sure-fire hall of famers walking away from the game in a short time period would surely leave the league lacking stars and elite level quarterback play.

Numerous ‘quarterback crisis’ calls were heard. But, in reality, the young franchise quarterbacks that make up more than half the league are ready and willing to take up the mantle.

19 teams currently have a starter under the age of 30. Of those 19 players, 10 have made the Pro Bowl.

Aaron Rodgers would clearly be the face of the league the minute that Brady departs.

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The multiple time MVP winner and Super Bowl champion is already the best player in the NFL. So, the notion that the league is weaker whilst he remains active is frankly absurd.

Russell Wilson is a Super Bowl champion. Cam Newton is an MVP winner. Andrew Luck has multiple playoff wins.

The 2016 draft class looks to have given us a trio of stars in Carson Wentz, Jared Goff and Dak Prescott.

The presence of other early thirty-something veterans such as Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco shouldn’t be underestimated either.

Additionally, the 2017 class looks promising so far and the 2018 draft could be one of the best ever for quarterbacks.

The NFL is arguably healthier than ever at quarterback. The young stars are the long-term future of the league so let’s start there.