Projected 2018 NFL Draft Order: Week 8 Update

CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 22: Rashard Higgins
CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 22: Rashard Higgins /
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CLEVELAND, OH – OCTOBER 22: Rashard Higgins
CLEVELAND, OH – OCTOBER 22: Rashard Higgins /

As we enter the 8th week of the NFL season the picture for the 2018 NFL Draft order starts to become a little clearer.

This projected 2018 NFL Draft Order was developed using ESPN’s latest Power Rankings. The changes in the power rankings resulted in some major adjustments in the draft order. This order also includes a playoff scenario to determine the order of the playoff teams.

1. Cleveland Browns

The Browns continue to look like the worst team in the NFL. Starting the season winless is bad enough, but they also have to suffer watching Carson Wentz light up the league. A quarterback they passed on in 2016.

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2. San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco remains in the mix for the No. 1 pick thanks to their winless start to the season. However, they have looked competitive at times.

3. Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis continues to struggle through the absence of Andrew Luck. The issue is that this just isn’t a good team and may not improve much with Luck under center.

4. New York Giants

The Giants seem like a toxic team at the moment. They just don’t have an offensive rhythm and the defense is under performing.

5. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona is going to have a very hard time overcoming the loss of Carson Palmer. Drew Stanton has been terrible when filling over the past few years.

6. New York Jets

The Jets might be coming back down to earth a little. However, they still seem like a team that could pull off a few more wins this season.

7. Cincinnati Bengals

It’s a lost season for the Cincinnati Bengals who were hoping to earn another playoff appearance. Andy Dalton is really struggling with his confidence which isn’t helped by the Bengals poor offensive line play.

8. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are the model for a mediocre team. They have just enough talent to win a few games, but not nearly enough to do so with any consistency.