Kirk Cousins play doesn’t match his contract demands

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 23: Quarterback Kirk Cousins
PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 23: Quarterback Kirk Cousins /

Monday Night was another chance for Kirk Cousins to prove he can be the highest paid player game. Yet once again he failed to do so.

Instead, Kirk Cousins was out-shined by the Eagles’ Carson Wentz, who looked every bit the part of a franchise quarterback. A quarterback who can put a team on his shoulders, not only with his talent but by playing with a kind of passion that rallies his teammates to victory.

Kirk Cousins isn’t close to Carson Wentz athletically and he’s not the kind of quarterback who can consistently will his team to victory.  However, he is a good quarterback, just not one who deserves to be among the highest paid in the league.  That’s Carson Wentz.

Many NFL pundits claim the Washington Redskins don’t want to sign Cousins to a long-term deal, or have tried to short change him.  Making Cousins out to be a victim not given the respect he’s due by the evil Redskins.

Kirk Cousins has put up a lot of yards in recent years and showed that he can help the Redskins compete for the playoffs every year.  However, he has yet to win a playoff game, has no wins in prime time football games and routinely comes up short in big games.

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But regardless of all that, Cousins and his agent want him to become the highest paid player in the league.  They’ve also criticized the Redskins for low balling contract offers.  Even if they did low ball Kirk Cousins, right now it looks like the Redskins were right in doing so.

I know Cousins is dealing with losing his top receivers but in terms of winning, what did he do with them when he had them?  It’s time for Kirk Cousins to do the deed or get off the pot.  His liabilities are highlighted when he faces guys like Carson Wentz.

If Kirk Cousins forces the Redskins franchise him again, he won’t be worth that kind of money.  If doesn’t want to play for the Washington Redskins, then he should ask for a trade.  But if he wants them to make him the highest paid player in the league, then he needs to start playing like it.