Roquan Smith, Georgia: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report

SOUTH BEND, IN - SEPTEMBER 09: Roquan Smith /

Georgia’s Roquan Smith is an extremely gifted athlete who has a knack for delivering big hits on the ball carrier.

Roquan Smith is a well-built linebacker prospect who has the size to take on blocks. He is someone who looks to deliver a big hit and set the tone for his defense. Smith also possesses good overall quickness and the burst to close on the ball carrier.

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This is a linebacker who features solid recognition skills with the ability to locate and fill the running lane. He has the power to make sound tackles that don’t allow much extra yardage.

Georgia’s defense line doesn’t do a good job occupying blocks so Smith is constantly dealing with traffic. He has shown the ability to work through blockers, but must do a better job working around the blocks. Too often the blocker responsible for reaching the second level is able to make contact with Smith.

Dealing with this type of traffic is good experience for Smith. However, it doesn’t allow him to cleanly flow to the ball and use his sideline to sideline speed. He is someone who is likely to be more impactful in the NFL where defensive linemen do a better job keeping blockers off the linebackers.

Smith could overcome some of the traffic problems if he recognized the play a little quicker. There are times where he will stand flat footed which gives the blocker an easier target.

In coverage, he shows the quickness and burst to stick with his assignment. However, the quick running backs in the NFL will be able to create some separation. Smith also needs to do a better job making his reads while in zone.

He doesn’t consistently identify the developing routes which puts him a little late to make a play on the football.

Overall, Smith is a prospect that will see his stock rise in throughout the process. He’s an elite athlete who features great measurables. His tape can be a little inconsistent, but it’s easy to see the type of upside he possesses.