Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, Oklahoma: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report


Oklahoma’s Ogbonnia Okoronkwo is a unique edge player who can get after the quarterback and hold up against the run.

Ogbonnia Okoronkwo is a well-built linebacker prospect who spends a lot of time working near the line of scrimmage. Oklahoma mainly uses him on the outside to rush the quarterback and set the edge against the run.

His size and build is more in line with a traditional linebacker which may make it difficult for him to play at the line of scrimmage in the NFL. However, Okoronkwo features a lot of raw power and sound technique.

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Against the run, he does a good job gaining inside hands and maintaining leverage. This allows him to get his arms extended and keep clean. Okoronkwo also features the hands strength and quickness needed to disengage.

He is a high-motor player who will fight to close the back door and chase the ball carrier several yards down field.

His pass rush ability is based on his initial quickness and change of direction ability. He is most effective when using an outside jab step with an inside counter. That first outside step helps him get the blocker off balance and open an inside lane to the quarterback.

It’s the type of pass rush move that is made more effective because of Okoronkwo’s speed off the edge. He’s a legitimate threat to gain the edge, turn the corner and close on the quarterback.

Okoronkwo also features an effective spin move that takes the blockers off guard. It’s the fact he remains balanced with his spin that makes this move so effective. Overall, Okoronkwo has enough pass rush moves to make an immediate impact at the next level.

His position in the NFL is something that will garner some discussion. Oklahoma doesn’t ask him to drop in coverage too often. When he does drop in coverage, Okoronkwo plays a little stiff and upright. This limits his balance and ability to stick with his target.

The fact that Okoronkwo doesn’t have the size to play defensive end means that he’s looking at a role as a 3-4 linebacker who typically works around the line of scrimmage.